Bison Bill's Weird West  

It is Christmas Eve and the show is wintering at Bison Bill's ranch. Everyone is inside, warm and cozy, opening presents, eating, drinking, and having a jolly time--everyone, that is, except the Four-Legged Kid. For Bison Bill's wife has a rule: No horses, or half-horses, are allowed in the house. Thus, the centaur cowboy can only stand outside and watch the festivities through the window. A tear rolls down his cheek and freezes before it hits the ground.
The Four-Legged Kid walks away sadly to spend the night in the stables. On the way, he notices suspicious activity by the wagon which has been loaded with presents to take to the orphans in the morning. He stops and looks. It's Bitch Cassidy and the gang--and they're stealing the presents! "This will not do," says the Four-Legged Kid. "This will not do at all!"
The brave centaur charges right into the midst of the outlaws, his six-gun blazing. One by one, the hirsute outlaws fall, their blood staining the snow.
Alerted by the noise, everyone comes running out of the house just in time to see the Four-Legged Kid kill the last of the outlaws. Pixie Whistlebritches, the World's Youngest Trick Shot, turns to Bison Bill's wife and says, "Oh, please, let the Four-Legged Kid come inside and celebrate with us. For he has saved the orphans' presents. He's a Christmas Hero! Please? Pretty please?"
Bison Bill's wife agrees (for she is really a kindly soul, not nearly so stern as she seems) and the centaur cowboy is allowed to come inside the house and join the party. Bison Bill gives a toast and everyone raises their glasses to the Four-Legged Kid--a Christmas Hero!


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